Wisdom 1-Day Conference

About Wisdom 1-Day Seminars

Since 1999, Harold Bullock has offered multi-day Wisdom Conferences in Fort Worth, Texas. In the summer of 2012, The Wisdom 1-Day Series was created in order to make the Wisdom material more accessible to a larger number of people across the nation. The Wisdom 1-Day Series draw concepts and applications from the multi-day conferences that:

  • Focus on key issues that dramatically impact our daily lives, such as Attitudes, Authority, Relationships, Parenting, Decision Making, etc.
  • Present the Bible’s overall perspective on that matter (the big picture).
  • Detail what the Scripture specifically says about how to wisely handle different parts of that issue (how to put the pieces together).

Audio and video of the multi-day Wisdom Conferences are available for purchase at LifeShapingResources.com

Seminar 1: Family

Gain key insights into raising kids in today’s challenging culture. Insights include:

  • How to make a multi-generational impact
  • The purpose of parenting
  • How your family life and the training of your children changes over time.
  • Goals for training your children
  • And more


Seminar 2: Biblical Decision Making

Gain key insights on decision making and a Biblical process for arriving at the best possible decisions. Insights include:

  • The Big picture of our lives
  • The painful mistakes we commonly make
  • The Biblical guidelines on decision making
  • How to practically work the decision-making process



Online registration for the July 20th Seminar in Huntington Beach, CA is now closed.

Walk-up registration will be available the day of the seminar for the following rates: $35/person for morning or afternoon seminar or $60/each for


This summer, the Wisdom 1-Day Seminar will be offered in Chico, CA on Saturday, July 13 and in Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday, July 20.

Seminar 1: Family
(9am — 12pm)

8am - 9am Check-in
9am - 10:20am Session 1
10:20am - 10:40am Break
10:40am - 12pm Session 1
12pm End & dismiss

*Lunch Break from 12pm to 1:30pm. Seminar participants are on their own to go off campus for lunch and return for the afternoon seminar if they have registered for it. Please note, lunch will not be provided by the seminar organizer.

*Childcare on campus will not be available for either seminar. Parents please read FAQs before registering.


Seminar 2: Biblical Decision Making

1pm - 1:30pm Check-in
1:30pm - 2:50pm Session 1
2:50pm - 3:10pm Break
3:10pm - 4:30pm Session 1
4:30pm End & dismiss
Speaker: Harold Bullock

Harold Bullock is the founder and Senior Pastor of Hope Church, an innovative church in Fort Worth, Texas. Hope began in 1978 with a vision to help with planting churches in the major cities of the world. Since 1978, people going out from Hope have planted more than 70 churches and have helped catalyze over 160. Hope is currently a congregation of about 1,000.

Harold grew up in northeast Tennessee and graduated from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in 1967 with a degree in mathematics and chemistry. He pursued graduate studies in physical chemistry at ETSU and Ph. D. work in physical chemistry at the University of Southern California. He has worked as a research chemist and also taught college chemistry in the Los Angeles area.

Harold began vocational ministry as Director of Student Ministries on staff for the Los Angeles Southern Baptist Association, with the job description of starting Baptist Student Ministries on several campuses in the eastern LA region.

In 1974 the Bullocks moved to Fort Worth to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. They both graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1977. In January 1978, they began Hope as a mission of James Avenue Baptist Church. They have three children: Jessica (married to Matt Sturdevant), Gina (married to Thad Lanthripe), and Jon.

Harold Bullock, Author & Speaker

During the 1980's Harold traveled widely for the Home Mission Board speaking in Urban Evangelism forums and also doing conferences for the Student Work Department of the Sunday School Board. Since the 90's he has spoken at numerous church planting conferences and taught occasional courses at Golden Gate Seminary, Midwestern Seminary and New Orleans Seminary.

Harold has authored a series of fantasy adventure books for children ages 6-12, the Tarlian Adventures. The first three books in the series, The Battle for the Worlds, The Crystal Castle, and The Dragon of Raldan are in print. Silver 4, the first volume of an action adventure series for middle-schoolers is now available.

Harold has also written several non-fiction books: Sharper Strokes: Living Smarter, Not Harder; Fools & Follies: Biblical Patterns That Live Today; and Self-Defeating Strategies: The Roots of Life's Problems.

Deborah, Harold's wife, graduated from UCLA and has a Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Seminary. She served as Kids Ministry Director as Hope Church for seven years and has taught numerous classes on developing character and values in children. She is the primary developer and writer of NRG Curriculum—the first gender-specific, value-shaping kids ministry curriculum. For more information on NRG Curriculum, check the NRG website NRGCurriculum.com.

You can keep up with Harold's conferences and materials online at LifeShapingResources.com.


Below are some of the most common questions we get regarding the 1-Day Seminars. Please look through these first and then, if you still have questions, send them to: LiveEvents@LifeShapingResources.com

General Info

  • Where is the Seminar held?

    The Wisdom 1-Day Seminar has been offered in a variety locations, so please check the specific date of the seminar you are interested in.

At the Seminar

  • What about childcare?

    Children & Childcare: Children and families are very important to us, however, the Wisdom 1-Day is an adult learning environment only. We simply are not able to accommodate children at the seminar. Parents will need to make their own arrangements for childcare to happen off-site from the campus of Hope Church. In the event that a family arrives to the seminar with children, at least one of the parents will be sent home and not permitted to attend with children in the building.

    • There will be no designated play or study areas provided for children to “hang out” while their parents attend the seminar.
    • The minimum age required for a registered seminar attendee is that of a freshman in high school or the home school equivalent.
    • Children older than 12 months and younger than a freshman in high school, will not be permitted at the seminar.

    Nursing Mothers: Nursing mothers with a child 12 months old or younger may attend the seminar with their child. If a nursing mother chooses to attend and bring her child, she will be assigned to a special room (with other nursing mothers) with a video feed from the main auditorium. At no time will any baby be permitted into the main auditorium or any other seminar satellite rooms. It will be the responsibility of the mother to care for her child at all times. Dads will not be permitted in the designated nursing mother’s area. Nursing mothers who plan to bring their child are asked to send an email to LiveEvents@LifeShapingResources.com to let us you are bringing an infant to the seminar so we can be prepared. Nursing mothers will receive special instructions upon arrival at the check-in booth.

  • Is lunch provided?

    No. The Wisdom 1-Day is basically 2, half day seminars occurring on the same day. There will be an hour and half break between the end of seminar 1 and beginning of seminar 2. Attendees will be on their own for lunch to either eat a local restaurant or “brown bag” their lunch.

  • Are there snack breaks?

    Yes. Each seminar will go for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and then take a 20 minute break. Coffee, water and light snack (fruit, granola bars, etc.) will be available.

  • What do you do with pictures and video taken during the conference?

    Life Shaping Resources uses photos and video taken from events for print, web, and video resources. Your registration constitutes permission given to Life Shaping Resources for these purposes.

  • Are there plans to make an audio or video recording of this seminar available for purchase through LifeShapingResources.com?

    No, there are no plans to do so at this time and we invite you to register for the live event in your area.